TPE in Cables and wires

Flexible TPE are made by compounding TPE with one or several plasticizer(s) and additive(s) and are destined to various applications depending on their properties.

MASOOM Compound , according to the requests of consumers and identifies the needs of them, proceeds to make soft T.P.E blends according to the customer's wishes.  Soft TPE includes a wide range of materials, including: soft TPE that can be used in wire and cable industries, shoe industries, hose industries, flooring production, film production, waterstop production, tool insulation production and ..  The research and development department of MASOOM Compound has researched in all the above fields and is proud to inform the esteemed consumers that this company is able to produce all grades of TPE softeners in the country, relying on its complete technical knowledge and with  Provide quality similar to imported samples and with quality guarantee to dear consumers.

Usage of TPE Compound

 • Types of insulation and coating of wires and cables in different colors and with different properties.
 • Insulation of thermal classes 80,90,105 degrees Celsius, low smoke and resistant to hydrocarbons and oil.

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