Masoom compound Company has a significant share of the domestic production of these products by producing pvc granular products (polyvinyl chloride), pp compounds (polypropylene), TPE compounds (Ter plas ela) and TPV compounds (tropolastic vulcanizations).  It is the main producer of compound products.



These products have many and wide applications in various industries such as: medicine, automotive, various cables, some industrial products and consumer goods.
Explaining the uses and types of compound produced by this company in different fields, Masoom Granol tries to acquaint you dear ones with the applications of compound in today's society.
By receiving all kinds of international standards and certifications required for the production of this product, Masoom Granol provides the global quality of compound to various industries.

What is a compound

What is a compound

When the polymer is produced in the extruder, it is regularly cut by a cutter-like device and the compound is obtained. All polymers can be converted into compound according to the type of application and their viscosity and other factors, such as the type of polymerization, etc.
compound are sometimes obtained from first-hand and new polymers and sometimes from recycled polymers. The combination of polymer compound with masterbatches, which are also available in granular form, can give special features to the production part ...
Polymers are sometimes shaped into grains called compound. compound are the only name for this form of polymer, not the name of a particular type of polymer. These compound are melted into plastic parts and turned into any desired shape.

Granules PVC

PVC Compound

PVC is available in two types namely rigid and soft. Rigid PVC is produced in the forms of sheets, pipes, door and window sections, ducts for electricity cables, connections and molded parts. Extruded and co-extruded sections are important from two points of view, viz applicable and attractive. By combining these two viewpoints, ideal sections will be created.

Granules TPE-S

TPE-S Compound

TPE is a polymer blend or compound whose high melting temperature allows its thermo-plastic feature to be formable and designed at a temperature range of 0 C with elastomeric behavior .This process is reversible and its product can be processed or molded or extruded. The hardness (shore) of TPE materials ranges from 0A to 70D.


TPO (pp) Compound

It is one of the most important plastics called polypropylene and this plastic has the third largest consumption among polyolefins.
Polypropylene is one of the major plastics which is ranked third among the polyolefins in terms of the consumption volume.

TPV Granules

TPV Compound

 These materials are the next step in post-performance (TPE-O) performance. These materials are also PP‌ and EPEM rubber compounds, however they have been dynamically vulcanized during the blending stage.  They have been used in the replacement of EPDM for car sealants, pipe sealants and other applications where heat resistance of up to 20 is required.  The shore range is in the range of A45 to D45.

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