PVC compound

P.V.C. is available in two types namely rigid and soft. Rigid P.V.C. is produced in the forms of sheets, pipes, door and window sections, ducts for electricity cables, connections and molded parts. Extruded and co-extruded sections are important from two points of view, viz applicable and attractive. By combining these two viewpoints, ideal sections will be created.

Propeties of PVC compound

Granule Massoum Co. has accordingly embarked on the production of various rigid P.V.C. compounds and granules in  and extrusion grades and various colors enjoying the extraordinary physical and chemical properties (such as high impact strength, color fastness, resistance to sunlight, UV and atmospheric conditions, resistance to bacteria and grease, rapid and easy cutting ability and welding strength) and in various colors.

Hard PVC compound

1- Door and window sections in various colors and different properties
2- Electricity cables sections
3- Various MDF trimmings in different colors with fixing and riveting ability
4- Kitchen cabinet trimmings
5- Transparent shades of study, office, dentistry lights, etc.
6- Rigid and semi-rigid transparent food and drug grade sheets
7- Transparent silver trimming of the car bumper
8- Rigid sections used in refrigerators and freezers
9- Electricity junction box
10- P.V.C. pipes and connections
11- Wall panels
12- Various flexible hoses
13- Various clean chargers

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