PVC compound products

These materials are the next step in post-performance (TPE-O) performance. These materials are also PP‌ and EPEM rubber compounds, however they have been dynamically vulcanized during the blending stage.  They have been used in the replacement of EPDM for car sealants, pipe sealants and other applications where heat resistance of up to 20 is required.  The shore range is in the range of A45 to D45.

PVC compound

This product should be made with special machines and machines with L / D, 62, but the experts of the Research and Development Unit of Masoom compound Manufacturing Company, with significant changes in the existing machines and special makeup of Mardon, succeeded in buying machines at no cost. Use the above machines and produce and market this product with the best quality.
Currently, due to the cowardly sanctions of the world against our beloved country, the import of many raw materials is prohibited due to its dual use, including emollient oil related to the production of TPV‌, which the research and development unit of the company in cooperation with One of the companies producing industrial oils succeeded in obtaining an oil that is fully compatible with EPDM and passes all the existing tests. .It is necessary to mention that the above materials are produced and supplied with the best quality and provided to customers for consumption.

Features of TPV compound

1. Tensile strength from 0.5 to 2.4 Newtons per square millimeter
2. Not Break Kilogue
3. Thermal expansion stroke
4. Maximum continuous use temperature up to 140
5. 0.91 to 1.3 grams per cubic centimeter density

But the resistance of TPV to chemicals are:
1. Resistance to dilute acid
2. Dilute open resistance
3. Resistance to oils and greases
4. Resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons
5. Resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons
6. Resistance to halogen hydrocarbons
7. Alcohol resistance

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