PP in Automotive Industry

aOne of major applications of soft PP is the automotive industry. Many of the automotive accessory parts made of soft PP are manufactured by injection, extrusion or slush molding.

Car industry

One of the main uses of soft PP is in the car manufacturing industry.  Many parts of car that are made of soft PP can be produced and supplied by injection, extrusion or slash processes.  The first effects of a car is based on its internal components such as dashboard, console, panels and doors, which immediately make for the viewer a sense of comfort, strength, luxury and beauty.  In fact, these components are the result of different choices of materials, techniques and very complex processes that help to have a good impact on the user.  Another new achievement is MASOOM Compound , which has been produced in different colors with the nonstop and boarding efforts of the company's compassionate engineers and technicians.  We are proud to inform you that our dear country Iran is the sixth country that has achieved the technology of production of these materials and MASOOM Compound not only make the huge automobile industry of the country self-sufficient in these materials, but also ready to export these materials to other consuming countries.  As a professional manufacturer in the production of various vehicle parts with slash technology, MASOOM Compound are constantly and continuously researching processes in order to achieve higher quality, less, better resistance to weather conditions, fogging compatibility and non-pollution of the environment and  Continues to be reversible.

Car industry

Usag of PP granules in cars

 • Car dashboard
 • Car bumper
 • Interior cover of car door
 • Car center console
 • fuse box
 • Lamp bowl

Car industry
Car industry
Car industry
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