TPE compound

 TPE is a polymer blend or compound whose high melting temperature allows its thermo-plastic feature to be formable and designed at a temperature range of 0 C with elastomeric behavior .This process is reversible and its product can be processed or molded or extruded.  The hardness (shore) of TPE materials ranges from 0A to 70D.

TPE-S compound are obtained from the main material of SEBS. This product is used in many industries for parts that have special physical and elastomeric properties, such as industries (for the production of medical parts), parts manufacturing industries. He mentioned automobiles, home appliance manufacturing industries, wire and cable manufacturing industries and door and window manufacturing industries, and many other industries.
This product should be produced by special machines with a machine with L / D, 52, but the experts of the Research and Development Unit of Masoom compound Manufacturing Company, with significant changes in the existing machines and special makeup of Mardon, succeeded in buying machines at no cost. Use the above machines and produce and market this product with the best quality.
Currently, due to the cowardly sanctions of the world against our beloved country, the import of many raw materials is prohibited due to its dual use, including emollient oil related to the production of TPE‌, which the research and development unit of the company in cooperation with One of the companies producing industrial oils succeeded in obtaining an oil that is fully compatible with SEBS and passes all the available tests.

TPE granular properties

1. Excellent fatigue resistance
2. FOB rupture and corrosion resistance
3. High strength
4. Low relative density
5. Excellent chemical and weather resistance
6. Simultaneous injection and extrusion simultaneously with polyolefins and some engineering plastics
7. Good electrical properties
8. Resistance to low temperature and high temperature from 140 + 130
9. Excellent paintability
10. Recyclability
11. Low compression

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