Cables and wires

Flexible T.P.E. and P.V.C are made by compounding P.V.C with one or several plasticizer(s) and additive(s) and are destined to various applications depending on their properties.

These compounds are dedicated to a broad range of applications in the domestic industries.
In addition to its know-how and technology, Granule Massoum Co. studies the users requirements, identifies the customers’ needs and embarks on manufacturing soft T.P.E. and P.V.C. compounds geared to the customers’ requirements.
Flexible T.P.E and P.V.C cover a broad spectrum of materials including soft T.P.E and P.V.C used in wire and cable, shoe and hose manufacturing industries, various types of flooring, films, water stops, tools insulating materials, etc. The R & D Dept. of Granule Massoum Co. takes pride in having conducted extensive research on the above fields and announces its readiness to provide the esteemed users that it is capable of manufacturing all the grades of soft T.P.E and P.V.C compounds at the domestic level owing its full reliance on its technology and know-how with a quality similar to the imported items and guarantees the quality of its products.

A corner of TPE and PVC granules production

1- Various insulating materials for wire and cable cover in different colors and properties
2- Various insulating materials for telephone, telecommunications, computer and home appliances wire and cable cover
3- Cable filling material
4- Soft and rigid injected sockets
5- Wire insulating materials and cover T1 and T2 thermal classes
6- Coaxial antenna cover
7- Welding cable
8- Insulating materials class 80, 90 and 105 o C, low smoke and resistant to hydrocarbons and oils
9- Inner and outer irrigation hose covers in various colors and different properties
10- Gasoline- and oil-proof sprinkling and pneumatic hoses
11- Milking apparatus hoses
12- Tools insulating materials
13- Water stop
14- Flooring
15- Oil-, gasoline- and acid-proof soles and uppers
for protection shoes
16- Shoes sole and upper
17- High flexibility and shine boots
18- Shoes light sole
19- Drip-proof door and window aluminum gasket

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