On account of the consumers’ needs to various P.V.C. and T.P.E. granules used in the medical industry to manufacture disposable articles and the intense dependency of the above-mentioned industry to the imports of medical-grade P.V.C. granules


Various Types of Medical-grade Articles Manufactured

1) Set of serum, blood, microset and dialysis test tubes
2) Medical and dentistry suction tubes
3) Various Nelatone probes
4) Dispenser pump
5) Various types of catheters
6) Oxygen mask plus the relevant hoses
7) Syringe gasket
8) Newborn minibrush
10) Ambo bag
11) Injection parts in various sets

our R & D Department has undertaken extensive research in this respect since several years ago and take proud in letting now the esteemed consumers of medical-grade P.V.C.
granules that, in the capacity of the first and sole manufacturer of this material with the required standards and in accordance with the confirmation by the sanitary centers and manufacturers of the disposable medical articles, is capable of supplying the various types of medical-grade soft and hard granules used domestically according to European Standards with the best materials and the premium quality to the esteemed customers.

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